Is Your Vision Changing, And Do You Need An Eye Doctor?

You should always see the eye doctor for any type of vision changes, although not all changes in vision are serious. Is your condition something you need immediate care for, or can you wait to see an eye doctor until later? Use this guide to assist you. If you have any sudden loss of muscle control or numbness in one part of your body or face in addition to sudden vision changes, seek medical care right away at your local emergency clinic. Sudden vision loss with other extreme body changes can be a sign of a stroke.

You have to wear your reading glasses more often

Do you wear reading glasses to view things up close or to read? If so, you're like most Americans since over 60% of people wear glasses or contacts some of the time to help them see better. If you're doing this more frequently than you used to, or for other tasks than you usually do, such as for driving or cooking meals, then it's time to start thinking about going to the eye doctor for care.

Your current glasses make your eyes hurt

As your vision needs change, so do the way your eyes respond to the glasses you're already wearing. Do your eyes hurt when they're wearing glasses, causing your eyes to feel fatigued, sore, or even give you headaches? If so, it can mean that your eyes are being exposed to a prescription that is no longer serving you well, and it's time to go to your eye doctor to get new glasses.

Your vision is causing you discomfort

Does staring at a computer screen for hours on end cause your eyes to go cross, get double vision, or make you feel dizzy? Do you have to squint when driving at night because you can't easily focus on the road? Do small words look blurry and like they're moving, causing you to put your book closer to your face? Even if you've never worn glasses before and nobody in your family wears glasses, your eyes still age over time like the rest of your body, and you might need glasses.

You can get glasses or contact lenses to help you feel better about your vision and when you get your vision checked by an eye doctor, you'll be fitted with the eyewear that will work best for you. If you have any questions about your eye health in general, ask a local eye doctor.