Is Your Vision Changing, And Do You Need An Eye Doctor?

You should always see the eye doctor for any type of vision changes, although not all changes in vision are serious. Is your condition something you need immediate care for, or can you wait to see an eye doctor until later? Use this guide to assist you. If you have any sudden loss of muscle control or numbness in one part of your body or face in addition to sudden vision changes, seek medical care right away at your local emergency clinic. [Read More]

4 Tips To Prevent Your Devices From Impacting Your Sleep

You might have heard that using your smartphone, tablet or other devices can actually impact your sleep. This is because of the blue light that is emitted from these devices. Although blue light in itself isn't a bad thing, it can have a heavy impact on how well you are able to sleep. Of course, you probably don't want to stop using your devices just so that you can rest well at night, but you probably don't want to miss out on getting your rest, either. [Read More]

Why Contact Lenses Aren't So Scary After All

Are you scared of wearing contact lenses? Do you think that maybe they will cause eye infections or disappear behind your eyeballs? You are not alone. There are a lot of myths, lies, and half-truths about contact lenses. This article will debunk the myths and set the records straight. It will also show you why you need not fear contact lenses. Contact Lenses Are not for Everyone You've probably disqualified yourself from wearing contacts because you think you're too old or your eyesight is too far gone. [Read More]

3 Things To Consider When Getting Glasses

When it comes to your vision, chances are you will need help seeing at some point. Whether you are near sighted, far sighted, or have astigmatism, glasses and other vision aids are more common than you may realize. In fact, around 225 million Americans use some form of corrective lens in order to be able to see. Overall, glasses are the most popular form of corrective lenses. They are used by a whopping 64 percent of Americans. [Read More]