Three Things That Feel Good But May Cause Serious Eye Damage

Not everything that feels or seems good is healthy, and this is very clear when it comes to your eyes' health. For example, the following three things may feel good, but they can harm your eyes: 

Rubbing Your Eyes When Foreign Objects Get In Them

Most people instinctively rub their eyes when things get in them. For example, if you are strolling on a dirt road and the wind blows up the dirt in your face, it's natural to find your hands rubbing your eyes in no time. However, you should teach yourself not to do it because the small particles can scratch the delicate cornea, which protects your eyes from harmful things such as germs. Corneal injuries may cause blurred vision, redness of the eyes, pain, and light sensitivity, among other things.

Instead of rubbing your eyes, wash your hands and pull your upper eyelids over the lower ones (if the dirt is under the upper eyelids). Flushing the eyes with running water may also help. What you should never do is try to force any foreign object out of your eyes; visit the emergency room if the simple measures don't help.

Attending Foam Parties

A foam party, to the uninitiated, is a party where soapy water is sprayed on the dance flow (either from the floor, ceiling or both). The foam is sprayed intermittently and can go on for hours. It might sound like fun to some people, but it's dangerous to the eyes.

First, the foam is usually formulated from different chemicals whose concentrations you might not be aware of. Those chemicals can cause mild to severe eye injuries. The only prevention here is to avoid foam parties at all costs.


As enjoyable as sunbathing may be, it's also not good for your eyes' health. The invisible rays of the sun, technically ultraviolet (UV) radiation, affect your cornea and conjunctiva (the inner membrane that covers the front of the eye and lines the eyelid). Direct sunlight, as well as reflections from shiny or white surfaces, all carry UV radiation. Regularly exposing your eyes to UV radiation can lead to complications such as eyelid cancers, cataracts, and macular degeneration (damage to the retina). Prevent such complications by wearing a hat and sunglasses whenever you are out in the sun for extended periods.

If you are having problems with your eyes, seek medical care instead of trying to home remedies. Most conditions are handled successfully if intervention is done early. For more information, contact optometrists at facilities like Olympia Eye Clinic, Inc., P.S.