Why Contact Lenses Aren't So Scary After All

Are you scared of wearing contact lenses? Do you think that maybe they will cause eye infections or disappear behind your eyeballs? You are not alone. There are a lot of myths, lies, and half-truths about contact lenses. This article will debunk the myths and set the records straight. It will also show you why you need not fear contact lenses.

Contact Lenses Are not for Everyone

You've probably disqualified yourself from wearing contacts because you think you're too old or your eyesight is too far gone. The fact is that contact lenses have come a long way. Modern technologies have made it possible to develop bifocal contact lenses for age-related eyesight issues such as Presbyopia and dry eyes as well as astigmatism.

Contact Lenses Will Disappear

Your eyes have a thin membrane that connects the white of your eye to your eyelids. This makes it impossible for the contacts to get lost behind your eyes.

Contacts Are Difficult to Put on

Like many people, the thought of putting anything in your eyes is enough to get you tearing and blinking. Putting on contacts may be difficult but only at the initial stages. Like all things, it can be learned. Your eye doctor will train you on how to put them on and in no time, you will be able to do it with ease.

Contacts Are Uncomfortable

Just like every new thing, you need an adjustment period to get used to your contacts. But after some time, you'll get used to wearing them; you may not even feel them. You may also opt for soft or silicone contacts which are more comfortable.

They Are a Hassle to Maintain

It's true that you will need to clean, rinse and disinfect your contacts. But today, you have more options than before. You could opt for one-day disposable contacts that do not need maintenance.

You Could get Infections

It's true that you can get infections as a result of wearing contacts but only if you fail to follow care instructions as prescribed by your eye doctor. So long as you keep your contacts clean and wash your hands thoroughly before inserting and removing contacts, you are safe.

Most of the fears surrounding the wearing of contact lenses are based on myths rather than hard facts. If you follow your doctor's instructions, then you have nothing to fear.

In the end, it's often beneficial to have a combination of eyeglasses and contacts because both work best in different daily situations. Speak with a medical clinic like SouthPark Optical Center to update your prescriptions and get info on the best eyewear for you.