Three Things That Feel Good But May Cause Serious Eye Damage

Not everything that feels or seems good is healthy, and this is very clear when it comes to your eyes' health. For example, the following three things may feel good, but they can harm your eyes:  Rubbing Your Eyes When Foreign Objects Get In Them Most people instinctively rub their eyes when things get in them. For example, if you are strolling on a dirt road and the wind blows up the dirt in your face, it's natural to find your hands rubbing your eyes in no time. [Read More]

Preparing A Child For Their First Trip To An Eye Doctor

If your child's teacher recently informed you that your child is having difficulty seeing work being conducted on a chalkboard in front of the class, you are most likely concerned about their grades as well as the troubles they are experiencing with their vision. Seeing an eye doctor will help in finding out if your child's vision needs to be altered with corrective lenses or if there is a medical issue that needs to be addressed. [Read More]

Have You Always Dreamed Of Becoming A Pilot? See An Eye Doctor Before Going To School

When you were growing up, you may have seen planes constantly fly over your house, school, or neighborhood. You may have also gone on a few trips involving plane rides throughout your childhood. Some kids love riding in cars while others prefer trains, but you may have always preferred planes. Now that you have graduated high school and are trying to decide what you want to do in the future, the idea of pursuing your childhood dream to become a pilot may be something you should make a reality. [Read More]

Five Key Reasons You Should Address Vision Loss

You may think of vision problems as being limited to just your eyes. The truth is that problems with your eyes can be much more serious. There are many reasons why you should be attentive to your vision health. Here's a look at some of the key reasons that your eye health and vision make a big-picture difference. Your Lifespan May Depend on It Since vision loss can hinder your ability to do routine tasks and keep up with your daily life, it can also shorten your lifespan. [Read More]